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Emotional Support and    
  Guidance For Finding Your
            True Voice and True Purpose.

...for when you really need someone to listen--to hear and validate your deepest feelings.

You need someone skilled with compassion and empathy who understands deeply and without judgement...someone that you can trust. I provide emotional support, comfort, and encouragement throughout your healing process.

Hello and Welcome!  I specialize in coaching individuals who are highly intuitive, sensory sensitive and are drawn to the counselor, writer, artistic or healing types of professions. This introspective and compassionate type of individual often suffers from hidden low self-esteem and self-doubt.

As a Life Coach, I can assist you in healing your own blocks and repressed emotions that inhibit you from fulfilling your true potential and expressing your creative gifts. I can help guide you to find your own inner guidance and true purpose in life and help you learn how to express your true voice, and feel more inner strength, confidence, and vitality. 



Specialist in
Inner Child Healing
  --My professional qualifications:

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Community Services from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.
  ​--with emphasis on humanistic counseling psychology, parent education, and childhood development.

--I was trained and worked as a peer counselor in college with a client-centered approach.

   --Now I am an experienced Life Coach working with adults with hidden emotional wounds originating from childhood.

  --I provide emotional support, intuitive guidance, and special empathic skills to those adults who are suffering with various levels of self-doubt in achieving their dreams and who want assistance in understanding their emotional and creative blocks.

​​  --My style is warm, compassionate, and empathetic, and I use unconditional positive regard for my clients' feelings as the basis for my Coaching sessions.​

  --My supportive Coaching approach is based on the principles of Carl Rogers (client-centered), and Alice Miller (inner child healing) and John Gray (healing emotional blocks). My Coaching is not meant to take the place of professional counseling and it's for those who would like clarity, intuitive guidance, and mentoring from a highly sensitive companion through the self-healing process. 

  True Voice Life Coaching
As a Life Coach I provide emotional support and intuitive guidance with knowledge acquired from my experience in the healing arts and from my own personal healing journey. I am not a licensed mental health counselor. I do not diagnose, treat or cure mental health disorders. My Life Coaching services are not intended to be or take the place of psychiatric or mental health evaluation and counseling.  Some clients may be referred to a licensed mental health provider.   
Roxanne E. Smith



Specializing in                 Emotional Support for  Adults who are:



         and/or Gifted


       --Mild depression
       --Blocked Creativity

"True emotional healing occurs when the painful truth is released and validated by a compassionate and safe witness."                                        
             --Roxanne E. Smith
15 to 20% of the Population is HIGHLY SENSORY-SENSITIVE!
This includes those who are INTUITIVE (that is, if you have an N in your Myers-Briggs Temperament  Type--for example INFJ, INTP, ENFJ, etc.) To find out if you are part of this gifted group, take this short self-test at
--contact me for Coaching if you would like to find out and understand your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type and learn how to embrace and enhance your gift of High Sensory-Sensitivity!  
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